Review:Brooks Ghost 11

The Ghost has been a premier model for Brooks over the past decade, and it’s easy to see why. The shoe has been a consistent daily trainer with generally a little more cushion than its rivals. The company has now added their “DNA Loft” foam at the heel, for a theoretically more plush ride.

While the bad news is that the DNA Loft doesn’t really seem to make much of a difference in the ride quality, but the good news is that it definitely doesn’t hurt. Part of the idea is that the divots in the Loft allow the foam to have a little more space to compress, creating a softer feeling, but we didn’t notice that too much. If anything, the forefoot was softer. That’s not to say the heel is rock hard, because it’s quite comfortable. Perhaps that’s a testament to the evenness of the midsole and ride. The shoe works at any speed, really, but is a tad heavy to faster runs. The amount of heel (a 12mm drop) doesn’t do sprinters any favors, either.

Photo courtesy of Brooks
The sole’s traction works for a variety or surfaces and the medial outsole provides a tinge of support.

The upper is great. It’s an engineered mesh that looks more similar to a knit, adding a bit of style. But more importantly, it’s not at all noticeable. Be it an easy jog or speedwork, the upper never really falls short. There’s also enough room to accommodate most foot shapes. One thing that bugged us was the “11” tag on the tongue when tying the laces. But that said, it’s not a problem on runs and is a neat detail, so no points off.

The Brooks Ghost 11 is a solid, adaptable trainer that shou

ld suit a variety or runners. It doesn’t have a tone of frills, but it doesn’t really need them.

Score: 8.5/10

This product was provided to us at no cost by Brooks. The views contained in this review are our own.