Nike Revolution 5 Budget Review

The Nike Revolution has been their barebones, entry-level shoe for several years, now.

The first thing you may notice is the midsole/cushion. The pattern looks like React and Renew, but seems to simply be injection-molded EVA, the standard running shoe foam. There’s very little forefoot cushion and it’s a rather “heel heavy” shoe, designed more for heel strikers, although the shoe is surprisingly snappy, likely a result of the outsole.

The upper is less roomy and flexible than the Quest. It’s an extremely basic mesh. There’s not much to say.

The Nike Revolution 5 isn’t a great shoe, but it’s only $65 and not awful for a casual mile, or even 5k. There aren’t a ton of features to talk about, since it’s just the minimum product Nike puts out to be considered a running shoe.

Score: 6.5/10


Nike Women’s Revolution 5

Nike Men’s Revolution 5


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