UnderArmour HOVR Rise Review

With the new TriBase shoes on the scene, there’s another UnderArmour trainer that hasn’t been getting a lot of love: the HOVR Rise. At $100, it sounds like a great deal compared to the company’s other offerings. So is it? Kinda, yeah.

While lacking the solid TriBase (a flat, solid section of outsole shaped like a triangle for stability) set up, it does feature UA’s premier cushioning, HOVR (a soft foam wrapped in a net to prevent compression). The sole is firm, with a slight give and a stack height comparable to a racing flat, meaning it has a fair amount of cushion. If you’re just trying to lift as much weight as possible all the time, this isn’t fantastic, but if you’re incorporating more form work, functionality, and dynamic movements into your workout, these are great. Given its price point and well-rounded nature, it’s a similar shoe to the old Nike Repper DSX.

The salmon-colored midfoot shank would have been a little more effective if it spanned the width of the foot.

The upper is almost shockingly plush. There’s a fair amount of lockdown for explosive movements, but has enough toe box room for most (the toe is a little pointed, however). The model fits true to regular training shoe size (which is to say, half a size down from your running shoes).

Ultimately, how you feel about the UnderArmour HOVR Rise comes down to what kind of athlete you are and training you do. If you’re purely a weightlifter, yeah, these probably aren’t it (we’d hesitate to wear them for anything above 90% max squat), but if you’re doing intense athletic work, these are a great, comfortable, affordable option.

Score: 8/10

Under Armour Men’s HOVR Rise
Under Armour Women’s HOVR Rise


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