Nike Metcon Sport Review

The Metcon line has been been home to Nike’s signature training shoes for about five years, now. Generally more premiumly-priced, the Metcon Sport debuts with a $100 price tag. This is actually the second Metcon to be priced at $100, the first being 2017’s Metcon Repper DSX. We’ll talk a little comparison below.

Unlike the Repper, the Sport has a drop-in midsole. It’s much denser than the regular Metcon and has raised sidewalls to grip the foot a little better. The density makes it ideal for lifting and it actually feels fairly cushioned, but also makes it heavy. These aren’t a shoe to be running in. Walking isn’t that bad, on account of the density, though. Your mileage may vary on using them for plyometric work. Some will prefer the cushion, some will feel weighed down.

Don’t worry. The midfoot strap shouldn’t bother your arch, even if you’re flat-footed.

Obviously, the Sport has a big Velcro strap, in place of laces. This does a surprisingly job of locking you down without being bothersome to collapsed arches (which this reviewer has). The fit is pretty roomy, so this means a couple of things if your feet are more narrow: Thankfully, the strap will be OK for your feet. You won’t “overshoot” the loop part with the hook part. However, it doesn’t have a ton of contact area, so that small section that does touch may get overused and stop “sticking” after a few months.

The Nike Metcon Sport is a great value, especially if your training is weightlifting-oriented. They can’t go very far in a run (though what Metcon can?), but if you’re doing some HIIT or other cardio, you’re all set.

Score: 8/10


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