Asics Gel Nimbus 21 Review

Asics’ Nimbus is one of their aces in the hole. Now old enough to drink, the premium neutral shoe has offered plush comfort for decades. Now updated with nearly all of the shoemaker’s proprietary technology, the model is high on comfort but struggling with performance.

Immediately upon step-in, you feel cushiness. Walking around and light jogging are great. When you pick up the pace though, things get a little rough. They just really don’t hold up at speed, and get very “slappy”, like you’re just smacking your feet on the road. On the upside, there’s great support. Curiously, the 21 has a softer forefoot compared to heel, likely as a result of the different FlyteFoams favored in each area.

The upper is everything you want in a $150 model. There’s some nice room, it’s highly breathable and super plush.

The Nimbus 21 is Asics’ flagship model, but it’s just not very impressive and there isn’t much to say about this year’s iteration. Grab another pair of the 20 on sale (not to mention, they look way better).

Score: 7

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 20 Women’s Running Shoe
Gel-Nimbus 20 Men’s Running Shoe
(Nimbus 20 now up to 20-33% off!)


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