Puma Speed Sutamina Review

An interesting little shoe that hasn’t shown up in the US Puma store, the Speed Sutamina uses Puma’s new Profoam, an EVA variant that feels like a take on Nike React or New Balance FreshFoam. The good news is that it doesn’t come off as a knock-off.

Profoam has a lot of similar characteristics to Nike React, in that it has a lot of cushion and bounce. Reviewers who don’t really know anything about materials love to compare everything to Adidas Bounce, but Puma already has their version of that (and in fact, developed it before Adidas did). The cushioning is responsive, with a sinking in, but much more rebound. The Proplate in the forefoot is fantastic at enhancing the shoe’s speed and toe-off, and in return removes some of the plushness of the midsole. The design on the sides is similar to the geometry in NB FreshFoam and we believe it plays a functional part of cushioning, but have not confirmed this 100%.

The Proplate (in pink) gives the shoe speed and springiness.

Unlike the rest of Puma’s Speed line, the Sutamina uses a mesh upper, instead of knit. It’s still accomodating to wide feet or tall arches, just don’t expect the material to form to your foot like Puma’s other performance shoes. Since higher end shoes are also beginning to use Profoam, the Sutamina’s 70GBP pricetag means cuts have to be made somewhere.

The Sutamina is a fantastic entry into Puma’s lineup and we’re crossing our fingers for a US release.

Score: 8.5/10


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