Review: UnderArmour Charged Intake 3

The original Speedform Intake/Solstice was, to be quite honest, the worst shoe we’ve ever reviewed. For that reason, we skipped the second version. But the third iteration has settled on a name and placement in the line up and man… you want to talk about a come up? This shoe is a phenomenal improvement.

The weirdest thing about this shoe is that there’s a little “bump” of extra heel padding on the sockliner. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s just a little odd, like something you’d have in a women’s pair of flats. Other than that, the midsole is great. It’s slightly flexible, becoming a bit moreso with time and very responsive, even bouncy. the level of cushion for a $100 shoe is quite impressive.

Photo courtesy of UnderArmour
Despite being only $100, the ankle collar is rather plush.

The upper runs a little warm, since it’s pretty plush for the price point. It’s also on the narrow-ish side, but pretty adaptable. Overall, it’s no frills.

The UnderArmour Charged Intake 3 is a massive evolution beyond the model’s origins and a great, affordable everyday trainer.

Score: 8.5/10


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