Brooks Launch 6 vs Brooks Ghost 11


While Brooks does their best to differentiate the Launch and Ghost, the casual consumer might have trouble knowing why they shouldn’t just go for the cheaper one or if the more expensive one is actually worth it. The good new is, they’re both basically worth it.

Both of the models use BioMoGo DNA as their primary cushioning (and in fact have the exact same amount of cushion in the forefoot), but the Ghost also has an extra 2mm in the heel and a DNA Loft heel crash pad, leading to a slightly firmer heel. This means entire sole of the Launch feels like the Ghost’s forefoot, to the former’s benefit.

The Launch’s upper is roughly the same, but a little more fashionable. Those with wide feet will find it on the narrow side, however. It’s also an ounce and a half lighter than the Ghost (not to mention $20 cheaper), while sacrificing nominal cushion.

The Ghost does win in a few scenarios, though. It’s a little wider and has better traction, so if you were going to do some light trails, it comes out as the better option.

Winner: Brooks Launch 6 (unless you have wider feet)

Both the Launch 6 and Ghost 11 were provided to Sun and Sole by Brooks, at no charge. The opinions contained in this article are our own.


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