Review: New Balance 860v9

New Balance’s numbered line is pretty direct, so let’s do the same with this review:

Despite being regular EVA foam, the midsole has very even cushioning throughout and good transitioning through the gait cycle. You do get a bit more ground feel in this shoe than its competitors, but you don’t really sacrifice cushion. There’s also a more prominent arch than many stability models.

The new upper is very breathable, plush, and fairly stylish. The laces however, are overly long. Even the “bow” part was in danger of being stepped on.

Photo courtesy of New Balance
The 860’s upper is very breathable. The white dots on the toe are a sock, easily visible through the mesh.

The New Balance 860v9 is a solid, no-frills option for those needing a shoe with a bit of bounce, a bit of arch, and some breathability. It’s a little bog standard, but it gets the job done.

Score: 8/10

Women’s New Balance Running 860V9

Men’s New Balance Running 860V9


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