Review: Asics GT-2000 7

The GT line has been an underrepresented segment of Asics’ running repertoire since being rebooted after the 2170 some years ago. It just doesn’t have the support and cushion (or cool name) of the Kayano. 2018, however, could lead to the line’s resurgence. After the improvements seen in the GT-1000 7, its big sibling the 2000 continues the trend.

The new model is responsive, but lacks real “bounce” in favor of a certain softness, especially in the heel. It features a ride familiar to fans of the shoe, but the transitions are a bit smoother than previous generations. If you were on the fence, this year it may win you over.

Photo courtesy of Asics
The reinforced medial straps do a good job of aiding stability without adding too much weight.

Integrating straps into the upper helps make up for a seemingly-reduced medial posting. This also makes the shoe feel a bit lighter and balanced, compared to the 5 and 6. Speaking of the aforementioned Kayano, the GT-2000 7 has a roomy toe, on account of using the Kayano’s last (the cut and width of the shoe).

The GT-2000 7 continues to be a solid entry into the medium stability category, but is still hampered by Asics’ insistence on keeping a “torsion trusstic”, making it a little “slappy” instead of smooth. Expect this part of the shoe to be dropped in future iterations.

Score: 8.5/10

ASICS Men’s GT-2000 7

ASICS Women’s GT-2000 7


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