Review: Brooks Adrenaline 19

For years, the Brooks Adrenaline has been a best-seller and lived up to its moniker of “Go-To Shoe” for thousands of runners. But it was never a very dynamic model, being pretty clunky for most of its lifespan.

The 19 is so much lighter than previous iterations, likely thanks to using Guide Rails (originally developed in 2014 for the Transcend), rather than traditional medial posting. It now feels like a firm-ish neutral shoe, without losing support. As soon as this reviewer put it on, it took care of a slight knee and heel pain that was occurring, that day.

Photo courtesy of Brooks
Despite being more prominent along the medial side of the foot, the Guide Rails shouldn’t bother those with low arches.

The model has an accommodating upper, but not super wide. It is very plush, though. If you liked previous versions, you should dig this.

With the same (except more stylish) great upper as before and a whole new midsole, the Brooks Adrenaline 19 has expanded its horizons and become a much speedier shoe, suitable for a much wider swath of runners.

Score: 9/10

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19


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