Review: Adidas Solar Boost

Not to be confused with the Solar Glide Boost (which is a replacement for the Supernova line), the Solar Boost is the replacement for Adidas’ Energy Boost model. How does it stack up? Let’s dive in.

Right away, you notice now all-around plush the shoe is. It has good cushion, but it could be a bit soft for some runners. This brings it closer to the Ultra Boost than before, which sort of makes one wonder why Adidas has the majority of their models feeling so similar.

Photo courtesy of Adidas
The seam connecting the tongue and toebox dug into some users’ feet.

It features a plush, flexible upper that nearly feels like a second skin. It gives the feeling of being halfway between a traditional upper and Adidas’ Uncaged models. It has good heel grip, but after speaking with a few others who had a chance to try it on, they felt the toebox was too narrow. Some wearers even felt material digging into their tarsals area, as a result of the connection of the tongue and toebox.

The Solar Boost feels really nice, but if you’re a serious runner, you should probably just get the Solar Glide. It’s $20 cheaper and more responsive, but avoids sacrificing as much cushion as say, the Boston Boost. On the other hand, if you’re a big fan of the Ultra Boost and want a more running-oriented version, this is right up your alley.

Score: 7.5/10

adidas Women’s Solar Boost Running Shoe
adidas Men’s Solar Boost Running Shoe

adidas Men’s Solar Glide Running Shoe
adidas Women’s Solar Glide Running Shoe


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