New Balance Zante v4

One of New Balance’s breakout shoes over the past few years, the Zante has made its name as a versatile trainer in a fashionable package. The latest iteration continues that trend, while aiming for even wider appeal.

The good news is that the midsole retains the mix of cushion and speed that has become the model’s signature. In fact, it might be even cushier than last year, thanks to its newly-perforated sole (also seen in the NB 1080v8), pushing it closer to the Nike Pegasus. The ride has thankfully remained soft, but responsive.

Changes in the outsole from the v3 (left) don’t yield a very different feel in the ride of the shoe.

The bigger changes occur in the upper. The underlays have been reduced, so it gives the feeling of a wider shoe. They also lengthened the tongue just slightly. A minor change that’s worth mentioning is the pallet of colorways, which seem designed to capture the eye of more casual runners. We’re actually big fans of the new range of chromatic options of both the men’s and women’s.

Overall, the NB Zante v4 is built as an “easier” wearing shoe, made for serious and fashion-conscious runners alike.

Score: 8.5/10

Photos courtesy of New Balance
Men’s colorways
Photos courtesy of New Balance
Women’s colorways

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