Review: Reebok Guresu

The following review comes from Tonika Reed, a dancer for 16 years and contributing writer to Resolute Magazine.

The first thing I noticed about the Reebok Guresu is the amount of material over and underfoot. While most dance shoes are relatively minimal, the Guresu has a hefty sole. There’s also the noticeable strap over the arch which was exciting to see as a means to keep the foot in place, but we’ll talk about the application of it a little later.

The upper of the shoe is super comfy and soft. It seemed to be pretty similar to neoprene. The material gives it softness, support, and a relatively simple design. The strap is built to lock the foot down during dynamic movements, but doesn’t actually function that way, since it’s far too large. The shoe overall is fairly wide, and the elastic strap in particular is just plain loose over the foot.

Photo courtesy of Reebok
While silky and plush, the Guresu is a very wide shoe.

On the plus side, the sole of the shoe makes up for it by being well-cushioned and great for spins and turns. It doesn’t really have a lot of arch support, though.

The Guresu is a wide shoe, curiously made for dancers, who often have narrow feet. It has no arch support, but “dancer’s feet” is a popular idiom that implies high arches. Given the amount of cushion, there is a chance that the shoe was made with heavier dancers in mind (and heavier persons may have lower arches), but those with narrow feet, no matter their weight, should stay away.

Score: 4/10

Reebok Women’s Guresu

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