Review: Brooks Ghost 10

The Brooks Ghost has been a long-time favorite of some speedy marathoners who prefer a little bit more “classic” ride in their trainer. The 10th iteration holds onto many of the things that made the shoe popular, while also introducing some ideas of what the future might hold for Brooks.

The midsole is a great improvement over previous years’ models. It’s much softer and feels more built for distance. It really feels like it was meant to compete with some of the newcomers to the running shoe market. The 10 almost feels like a maximal shoe. It has some awesome forefoot cushion, but there’s a little instability in the heel, oddly. It almost felt as though the “scoop” in the last went too far back towards the heel. I also felt a lot of give and sinking in the forefoot, so I cannot recommend it for speed workouts.

Left: The heel grip is nice and secure. Right: The forefoot cushion is comfy, but poor at high speed.
The fit of the upper really gives a sense that Brooks knows its market. The toebox is pretty wide, thus allowing your toes to spread out nicely, while the narrow ankle keeps you secured. I know a lot of faster distance guys who use this shoe and it really does seem tailor-made for them. It’s incredibly plush, as well.

Sort of a major problem with the Ghost 10 is that it’s not noticeably lighter than the Glycerin 15. The premium upgrade is only about .3oz (8.5g) heavier and feels a lot faster without losing comfort.

The Brooks Ghost 10 is a really solid shoe, but has its share of shortcomings. If you want a comfortable fit to log miles at a lower price than the Glycerin, this is a quality option. If you’re training for speed though or are worried about support, I would look elsewhere.

Score: 8/10

Comparable Models:
New Balance 880v7, Saucony Ride 10

Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 Athletic Shoe

Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 Athletic Shoe

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