Review: Adidas Energy Boost 2017

The Adidas Boost line launched with the Energy Boost, back in 2013. However, once the signature UltraBoost came out, the Energy was quickly pushed aside. So it’s no surprise that the 2017 version of the shoe (technically the Energy Boost 4) has come out without a lot of fanfare.

The cushion on the Energy 2017 is that soft Boost Adidas fans know and love. It’s a little bit more firm than the Ultra Boost though, so if that shoe is too soft, you might really dig the Energy. The heel cushion in particular is very pronounced, in a good way, and the transition into the toe-off is really great.

Photo courtesy of Adidas
Left: A ton of cushion in the heel, but a firmer rider than the Ultra Boost. Right: Overlays and lacing conform to your foot and keep you secure.

The upper has some amazing lockdown, due to the the elasticity of the material used. It’s almost like a slightly thicker spandex. The overlays have a high level of flexibility too, but also hold the foot, without adding too much weight. The real highlight is the midfoot saddle, which has enough stability to keep you locked in, even if you’re a slight overpronator.

Overall, the Adidas Energy Boost 2017 is a very good premium shoe. It’s hampered somewhat by weight, but should offer enough cushion, firmness, and support to appeal to most runners.

Score: 8.5/10

adidas Performance Women’s Energy Boost 2017
adidas Performance Men’s Energy Boost 2017

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