Review: Adidas PureBoost DPR

Adidas continues to be a leader for both serious track and field athletes and more fashion-minded consumers. The new PureBoost DPR aims to be a performance trainer with looks to wow.

The major difference between this shoe and the Ultra Boost is the firmness. The DPR isn’t nearly as squishy, like the Ultra. Instead, there’s a much more balanced and responsive ride with good transition. Overall, the shoe is pretty fast-feeling, and the sole in the forefoot is slightly wider to provide support when turning corners.

Top: Wider outrigging aids stability when handling corners. Bottom: The midfoot control isn’t complementary to that goal.
The downside to this model is that it has a pretty sloppy upper. If the shoe isn’t holding your foot in place, how are you supposed to handle turns? The heel is actually fairly normal, but those with narrow ankles (like myself) will want to lace into the last eyelet; it helped quite a bit.

Ultimately, the Adidas PureBoost DPR feels like it was made for casual use, but has shades of something pretty special. The marketing definitely speaks to an athleisure model, with the focus on urban environments and a $150 price point. If this were $20-30 cheaper, it’d be well worth it, but the DPR is overpriced as-is.

Score: 7.0/10

Adidas PureBoost DPR Running Shoes

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