Review Brooks Transcend 4

The following review is a contribution by Sydney Joiner. She has been a support coach and running specialty manager for over two years.

While most female runners of my age, height, and weight would prefer lighter and more flexible shoes, I have always been partial to more supportive models. I found the Transcend 4 to be my kind of shoe.

Pretty interesting is the upper. It’s simultaneously stiff and breathable, probably from the mesh being wide, but then having a ton of welded overlays. It was also a little narrow, which I didn’t mind, but could easily bug others.

Photo courtesy of Brooks Running
Left: Open mesh adds breathability. Right: Heavy overlays stiffen the upper, overall.

Underfoot is very firm, responsive cushioning that is good for doing either speedier runs or going the distance. That it is less bulky than most Brooks models is also helpful for going faster. There’s a feeling of being “propelled” forward, but not quite a “rocking” feeling, like you’d get on Hoka shoes. I really like the stability situation. The Guide Rails set you in place, without making the sole too stiff.

Photo courtesy of Brooks Running
“Guiderails” and an extended heel counter provide stability without clunky posting.

Some other thoughts are are the grip, which is good, but not as good as Brooks’ own Adrenaline. In terms of shoes to compare it to, the Transcend is reminiscent of the Nike Odyssey, but a little stiffer and heavier-feeling (they are actually the same weight). If it was a little lighter and more flexible, I would rate it higher, but it just isn’t spectacular. The Transcend is a solid option, but only “wows” if you already love Brooks.

Score: 7/10

Brooks Men’s Transcend 4
Brooks Women’s Transcend 4

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