Review: Under Armour SpeedForm Intake/Solstice

Under Armour may have met its limit. It happens every time. A running shoe company finds success and they churn out a bunch of unneeded models (see: Hoka in 2015/16). Thus is the genesis of the Speedform Intake/Solstice.

First off, this shoe has different names, depending on where you find it. The UA website even lists it differently in different places.

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The Intake is a cornucopia of contradictions. The midsole feels to have a slight forward rock to it when in motion, but the cushioning sucks. It’s not soft, it’s not responsive, it’s flat. The arch feels nice, but isn’t anything to write home about. Oh, and the fit is short and wide, but not sloppy.

On the upper, you have a thin, ultra-wide tongue that wraps the foot, but isn’t connected like a 3/4 sleeve or anything. When you lace up, it gets all scrunched. The heel isn’t much better. It’s wide, without much cushion and is really stiff, so if your ankle is on the narrow side, it bends in and digs in a little. The laces are OK.

Look, just buy this shoe: The Slingflex.

This shoe is flat out awful. If it were you know, $65-$75, maybe I could understand the quality issues. But it’s $100, the same price as the much more comfortable Slingflex. That shoe is an excellent alternative to this… thing.

Score: 2.0/10

I’m not going to provide links to the Intake. You deserve better than that.

Under Armour UA Threadborne Slingflex
Under Armour Women’s Threadborne Slingflex

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