Review: Saucony Ride 10

We haven’t reviewed a ton of Saucony models on this blog, and that’s a shame, because they’ve got some pretty good shoes. Speaking of pretty good, here we have the Ride 10.

Photo courtesy of Saucony
Saucony joins more companies in providing more outsole material along the arch, while grooves in the forefoot uninhibit flexibility.

Saucony’s basic neutral offering has a good amount of impact absorption, on account of the TPU foam. On the other hand, it sort of feels flat. That could be the EVA, which makes up most of the actual midsole. While I tested out the Ride with a case of shin splints, they definitely helped, compared to my regular shoes (which, although are more cushioned and supportive than the Ride, are at the end of their life).

Photo courtesy of Saucony
The heel and tongue feel amazingly like a much more expensive shoe.

One issue I’ve had with Saucony is how similar their neutral and stability models look to each other. I feel like that’s pretty confusing to consumers and other companies are better at differentiating by sight (except for Adidas, whose shoes and their names are almost identical). Anyway, Saucony is really good at making their shoes feel more expensive than they are, and the Ride 10 is no exception. The heel and tongue are very plush and the toebox has a good width and volume. It gets a little toasty, though. The heel is a bit loose, too, but just go to the last eyelet and you’re good.

Photos courtesy of Saucony
To an average consumer, Saucony models look way too similar.

The Ride 10 is a good shoe, it just doesn’t FEEL good underfoot. It just sort of feels… there. However, it’s a good option if you want basically a premium shoe, without paying premium prices.

Score: 9.0/10

Saucony Men’s Ride 10 Running Shoes
Saucony Women’s Ride 10 Running Shoes

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