Shoes you may have missed: NB Vazee 2090 Review

While the 2090 may have come out in July of last year, it’s not a model that really gained traction in the mainstream. The shoe was designed with Olympic sprinter Trayvon Bromell in mind (the first of several collaborations), so it’s made for top-end speed. The model is being discontinued (and semi-replaced), so it’s going on fairly steep discount. We wanted to take a look back at this unique, and now very affordable, trainer.


Speed is not equivalent to ultra-lightweight, a mistake made by many distance runners. Sprinters and their shoes are usually heavier than their endurance-based counterparts, so the 2090 comes in at a middle-of-the-road 9.3oz/264g (for men’s, while the women’s is 8oz/225g). There are a couple of factors for that, and they’re all a result of an integrated speed-oriented system.

Photo courtesy of New Balance
Left: The one piece midsole forks down the lateral and medial side. Right: N2 provides a responsive cushion in the fore and lateral foot.

The reinforced overlays on the midfoot offer unparalleled security, so your foot won’t be sliding, no matter what velocity you hit, while the toebox isn’t superĀ narrow. The outsole consists of a single-piece rubber that forks down the lateral and medial sides. It stiffens that shoe, offering a smooth transition and “snap back”. A major differentiating component of this shoe is that there is also a piece of N2 foam (which appears to be higher-density than EVA) running from the forefoot and along lateral side of the midsole, the opposite side as most shoes. This feels odd when walking/standing, but great at speed. These features help to imitate a spike plate and as a result, the shoe has phenomenal responsiveness.

Photo courtesy of New Balance
A reinforced midfoot wrap holds the foot secure at high speeds.

It’s easy to see a sprinter designed this shoe. The lockdown, the rebound, and the construction ooze speed. The dense lateral foam might bug more casual runners, but then again, this is not a casual shoe. If you fancy yourself a sprinter, this should be your trainer, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Score: 9.0/10

Originally retailing for $150, the Vazee 2090 is now $77-97 on Amazon.

New Balance Women’s W2090 Running Shoe
New Balance Men’s M2090 Running Shoe

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BONUS: Here’s a preview of the model that will be replacing the 2090, the Fuelcell. It’s a bit heavier, and is poised to more directly compete with other Premium Performance trainers, like the Saucony Freedom.



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