Review: Skechers GoRun 5/GoMeb Razor

So it’s come to this: Skechers. With a relative drought of recent releases, we turned to some companies that would not necessarily be considered “top tier”. However, these companies do provide some interesting footwear options. Skechers has now debuted a duumvirate of performance-oriented models. One is a successor to their popular GoRun racer and other is a variant of that new shoe.

The GoRun 5 is the latest in the company’s speedy trainer lineage, and the Razor is new, too. Looking at their midsoles and specs, the first thought that might cross even a shoe nerd is “What’s the difference?”. The answer? The upper. The midsoles are exactly the same. Running Warehouse says that the Razor has an extra 1mm height in cushioning, but this appears to be a measuring error, as the Skechers Performance site says the shoes have the same thickness. Sole Review alleges that the Razor has a denser cushion, but since Skechers says both the shoes use 5Gen cushioning (really just EVA foam), we are forced to assume that they are the same.

Speaking of, the midsole is responsive and has great transition for heel strikers, but feels good when sprinting, too. The outsole is a little lacking and is rather thin, so a serious sprinter may have concerns about mechanics and durability.

All photos courtesy of Skechers
Left: The GoRun 5 has a thinner, breathable upper. Right: The GoMeb Razor has a thicker, tighter knit. Center: The rubber outsole is very thin on both models.

The upper of the GoRun is said to be made of the proprietary “GoKnit,” as is the GoMeb’s upper, but seems like a regular mesh. The GoMeb, by contrast, truly is a knit fabric. The GoRun has an elastic midfoot strap to grip the instep and a heel tab, but the GoRun feels a bit more breathable and flexible. The GoMeb actually had better lockdown, despite the lack of a midfoot strap, leading me to believe that the upper simply uses a tighter weave (in addition to having more lacing eyelets). Although they are both relatively narrow shoes, if you’d prefer a roomier fit, grab the GoRun.

These are both light, easy-striding shoes. They would most likely best best-used for race day, since there are probable durability issues on the outsole and they run on the narrow side.

GoRun 5- 8/10
GoMeb Razor- 8/10

Note: Although I was fine in my regular size, some wearers have suggested going half a size down.

Skechers Women’s GOmeb Razor Trainer
Skechers Men’s GOmeb Razor Trainer

Skechers Men’s GoRun 5 Shoe
Skechers Women’s GOrun 5 Shoe

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