Review: Asics Noosa FF

The following review is a contribution by Sydney Joiner. She has been a support coach and running specialty manager for over two years.

Asics has, for the past 12 years, been putting out their well-ventilated Noosa Tri shoe. This year, the update integrates Asics’ new cushioning and removes medial posting.

The Flytefoam and “wishbone” outsole aid in shock absorption as well as a smoother heel-to-toe transition, even with an extra 10mm cushion under the back of the foot. Obviously this technology will appeal more to heel strikers, although I’d argue that the shoe is lightweight and diverse enough for midfoot strikers to feel comfortable in it as well. The heel is supportive without giving the runner a feeling of being weighed down or forced to heel strike. The Flytefoam itself is responsive with a great bounce back, while the outsole is very durable. The downside to that is it’s not very flexible until broken in. It took me a few runs before the shoe started to naturally flex with my foot.

All images courtesy of ASICS
The medial outsole adds a tinge of stability and the “wishbone” configuration grants speedy stiffness.

Befitting a speedier shoe, the fit is more narrow and comes with both regular and elastic laces, for easier on/off.┬áThe upper is also seamless, so there isn’t the issue of rubbing or chafing. I would not recommend for those with wider feet, as the mesh material doesn’t loosen up or stretch very easily.

Some other feature of note include heel and tongue grips which ideally appeal to triathletes, but regardless a perk of the shoe that adds some simplicity and ease. The Noosa also has a fantastic arch– speaking as a pronator with higher arches, the support in this shoe hits the spot just right without being overwhelming

The Noosa is lightweight, yet cushioned, and supportive enough to suit pronators as well as neutral runners. Just remember that this model is designed for going faster on longer runs, so look elsewhere if you need something roomier and more cushioned.

Score: 8.5/10

ASICS Women’s Noosa FF Running Shoe
ASICS Men’s Noosa FF Running Shoe

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