Review: Nike Metcon 3

A direct comparison of Crossfit models can be found here.

The Nike Metcon has become the preeminent rival to Reebok’s Nano. Partly due to performance (the Metcon 2 was pretty awesome), partly due to branding (half “I don’t want to be seen wearing that Crossfit shoe”, half “I don’t want to be seen wearing a Reebok shoe”), the Metcon may have become more popular in the three years since its introduction. The Metcon 3 has already become more popular than the Nano 7 (take a survey of your local gyms), but now let’s stack them up on function, not fashion.

All photos courtesy of Nike
Note the thinness of the sole, similar to Chuck Taylors.

First off, the Metcon 3 is not a bad shoe, just not great. It’s like Domino’s (or insert pizza chain of choice). It’s not as good as that New York Italian place down the street, but it’s still pizza. The shoe feels pretty comfortable, but very flat. If you’re lifting heavy, that’s fantastic. If your workouts are more plyometric and explosive, the 3 is stiff and heavy. The upper is also stiff and relatively formless. There’s never a “second skin” feeling, like the Nano 7.

The best way to describe the Metcon 3 is like a Converse Chuck Taylor that was retooled to be able to run in. If a flat, durable shoe strikes your fancy, the 3 should be an ideal choice. For $130, though? It’s a little lacking.

Score: 7.5

Nike Women’s Metcon 3 Training Shoe

Nike Men’s Metcon 3 Training Shoe
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