Review: Nike Metcon Repper DSX

A direct comparison of Crossfit models can be found here.

So Nike is the Johnny-come-lately to the Crossfit shoe game. Now they’re starting to do what they do and crank out variants of their popular training models (see: Jordans, Frees). What started with the Metcon is now three platforms: the original, the premium DSX Flyknit, and the lower-cost Repper DSX. Surprisingly, the budget-priced model outdoes the original.

The first thing to note about the Repper is that it’s geared more toward running. There’s an extra 3mm of cushion in the heel and the forefoot is a softer rubber. In all honesty, I wish more Nike runners were set up like this one. That’s not to say you’re sacrificing lifting capability. The regular Metcon is a teensy bit better than the Repper in a squat test, but it’s not a huge difference. Plyometrics are great, too, since the flexibility of the midsole lets you bend your feet easily.

All photos courtesy of Nike
Despite having the same pattern as the Metcon 1 & 2, the Repper’s sole is a softer rubber.

The big problem comes from rope climbs. There are reinforced panels in the upper’s midfoot area, but they’re smooth and thin compared to the regular Metcon, so they don’t grip or hold up as well. They could have also shaved some more weight from the model to aid in quickness.

Look: Unless you’re hardcore, gung ho about Crossfit, you really don’t need to spend an extra $30 on the Metcon 3. The Repper DSX may not have the speediness it could’ve excelled at, but compared to the standard model, it meets or exceeds performance.

Score: 8.5

Nike Men’s Metcon Repper DSX Cross Trainer
Nike Women’s Metcon Repper DSX Cross Trainer

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    1. Have not yet tried it out! We received no samples and none of our reviewers are huge fans of Flyknit (although we try to get some of the more popular running models).


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