Review: Brooks Launch 4

Well-regarded company Brooks actually makes its debut on this site with one of their more interesting models. The Launch is certainly more of “cult” shoe, in that it has a smaller base of devoted followers, and it’s easy to see why.

Unlike most Brooks models, the Launch is fast. It’s highly responsive and springy, allowing for good speed workouts. Underfoot and on top, the shoe feels better the faster you go.

I experienced a teensy bit of heel slippage, but this most likely won’t bother most people. The real downside of the shoe IS its heel though. There’s too much of it. I will never understand companies’ desire to make speed shoes with more than a 6mm heel-to-toe drop. It makes speed mechanics more difficult (especially for out and out sprinters) and adds weight to the shoe.

If you want a 5k-10k trainer to help your speed, this is actually a pretty good shoe. It’s just too heavy to be a performance race shoe and has too much heel to be a great sprint trainer. It really is a niche model for faster heel strikers, which is an odd segment of runners. That said, go check it out and see how you like it. It’s bargain-priced, too, so you might be willing to give it a shot if you have a shoe rotation.

Score: 7.0

Photos courtesy of Brooks Running
While the shoe feels fast, the 10mm heel drop stymies it’s effectiveness.

Brooks Womens Launch 4 Running Sneaker Shoe, Anthracite/Ceramic/Lime Punch, 7

Brooks Launch 4 Running Sneaker Shoe – Electric Brooks Blue/Black/White – Mens – 11

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