Review: Nike Zoom Pegasus 33

Although I’ve had experience with the Pegasus line before, I now understand why this is Nike’s flagship model, going three decades strong.

The biggest change is the addition of a forefoot Zoom pocket, which means if you’re a mid or forefoot striker, you’re getting a lot more cushion than the previous 32 years. If you’re a heel striker, fret not, as the heel insert also remains. You’re getting 2x cushion, for the price of one.

Photo by Nike
The 33rd iteration adds forefoot Zoom cushioning for a more even ride.

Now, despite the added softness, you don’t lose responsiveness. Why? Thank the medial outsole. The length of it runs unbroken, giving it a similar snap back to a spike plate and giving a tinge of support for us flat-footed fellows. The lateral side of the outsole is segmented, giving a lot of flexibility, as well. This sole does it all.

Photo by Nike
The shoe retains responsiveness via an unbroken medial outsole.

The width runs standard, so most people shouldn’t have an issue, but if you really want some room, look elsewhere. Another drawback is that I would say avoid trails on this at all costs. The toe bumper is almost non-existent (helping the shoe feel roomier, but lacking any protection) and you’ll probably experience a metric ton of wear on the outsole with gravel or other rough terrain.

The Pegsus stands as a jack of all trades, master of none. You can easily knock out some speedy track work or a 10k in these, no problem. The drawback of course is that it does nothing spectacularly. But doing it all for $110 is noteworthy in and of itself. If you can only afford one shoe, this is it.

Verdict: 9.5/10

BONUS: has posted images of next year’s Pegasus 34 (Women’s pictured)



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