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What athletes should always have in their kitchen

Photo by Bobbi Bower

Why we’ve continued to use lettuce as our salad base baffles me. Spinach and ESPECIALLY kale are far more nutrient-dense and more flavorful. OK, it can take a second to get used to, but if you hate it that much, just go for spinach, instead. There’s no real reason to go with lettuce, when kale is a similar price and is way better for you.

Peanut Butter

I love JIF. JIF is a friend of mine. You sir (or miss), should not eat JIF. Really, stay away from the big brand processed stuff. Even their “natural” lines add a ton of sugar. I switched to a cheapo organic brand and add a little bit of honey to get the sweetness (I also add cinnamon. So good.). Anyway, find a nut butter with minimal ingredients to get a craving-killer that will fill you up with proteins and good fats.


You need carbohydrates at some point. Whether it’s a refuel/refeed or as prep for a big work out or competition, carbs give you fast energy. Quinoa is a low-glycemic index grain, which means it doesn’t spike your blood sugar as much as rice or a lot of other staple foods. It’s high in protein (and is a rare non-animal complete protein) and non-gluten, if you have Celiac. The drawback is that it’s expensive when compared to rice or potatoes, although oats are another, cheaper option.


The sacred fruit. More vitamin C than oranges and the ability to reduce inflammation, loading up on these can help recover from hard workouts. Plus, you can mix them in oatmeal for a sweeter breakfast. They’re low-calorie, sweet without too much sugar, and packed with a ton of benefits, what’s not to love?

Photo by Arctic Zero

Look, we’ve all got weaknesses. We all eventually break down and corrupt that perfect diet. We live in a modern world, with modern conveniences, like pie and donuts and ice cream. Luckily, our modern times have also given us delicious ways to stay on target with our diets. Out there now are frozen desserts, cookies, and even special protein powders that let you make your own treats! So next time you reach for that pastry or whatever, just remember that you have better options.


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