Shoe review: Nike Lunar Caldra

Ashton Eaton is the greatest athlete on the planet. Arguably the greatest that’s ever lived. So what’s his training shoe like? It’s… Surprising.
The first thing to remember about Eaton is that his training is very specific, although not too different from your average gym-goer. His lifts in the gym aren’t anything to write¬†home about, and he isn’t logging miles upon miles. The longest distance he has to compete in is the 1500m and the heaviest object he moves is a 16lbs shotput (besides his own 185lbs body).

Photo by Nike
The single-piece from the midfoot to heel is ideal for sprints.

Given this, the heel of the Lunar Caldra isn’t as firm as you’d want for a heavy squat (I felt comfortable squatting up to 225lbs/100kg in it). Nor does it have as much cushion as you’d want for a longer run. I sprinted in it a bit, but I’d probably go up to a 5k run, max.

The Caldra is men’s-only, but women can get a similar feel in the LunarTempo and Free RN Distance shoes.

That said, the shoe is phenomenal at what it was built to do and super comfy. You feel locked down for sure and the forefoot is responsive, so sprints are a breeze. The traction on the combined midsole/outsole is OK for short grass, if you want to do some field work, as well. Bodyweight workouts plus any lifts up to 1.5x that are pretty much the bread-and-butter for this model.

Green is my favorite color.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for that one, “perfect” all-around shoe, you probably won’t get it better than this. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get really serious about either endurance or strength, you’ll have to get a shoe that better fits those needs.
Verdict: 85./10

Nike Men’s Lunar Caldra
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