Super body: Getting fit like a hero

Batman v. Superman is out this weekend, and with that, you’re going to be seeing a lot of super physiques on screen. But what about us mere mortals? Here’s a guide to mimic your favorite hero’s training.

I’m just assuming you know who this guy is.


Batman is basically a ninja, so the name of the game is lithe and light. This means a lot of bodyweight exercises and balance training. Push-ups have a ton of variations that work every muscle from the chest to triceps. They’ll also help you train for Crow pose, which you can then transition into a headstand.

Of course, jumping around rooftops means you’re going to have to jump over stuff, which brings us to hurdles. See if a high school nearby has an open track, but if not, just use what you can find (chainlink fence, boxes, garbage cans, etc). The other leg workout is split-leg squats, which can be deceptively difficult. You can also do pistol squats for an added balance/strength challenge.

Finally, Bruce Wayne learned ways to link his mind and body. The best stretching and relaxing yoga to complement this regimen is mostly lower-body. Triangle, Boat, and Lizard poses will help flexibility, as will Bridge/Wheel (which will also strengthen your lower back).

Bro, do you even superhero?


Let’s face it, Superman is the strongest guy around. He especially loves lifting things overhead, like in his very first appearance, above. Therefore, the standing shoulder press will be your go-to for the upper body. Deadlifts will work as a “pulling” counter-balance to the press and let you lift the most weight possible.

When it comes to “a single bound,” squats will help with power, long jump for distance, and burpees to mimic that “up and away” motion. While Superman can fly now, originally he could only jump 200m, so sprint that distance to build speed.

Lastly, a 5k run for endurance (Superman does fly around the world, after all) and the Crescent Lunge pose to stretch out.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a trained warrior with lightning-fast reflexes. The 60m sprint is a staple of testing explosive power, as are jump squats. The dumbbell clean & press is another full-body power move that requires coordination and highlights imbalances in strength.

Mountain climbers are a great dynamic core exercise and complement Turkish get-ups, a much more balanced, measured core move. An Amazon should be both agile and proprioceptive. Side lunges play into this, as well, the lateral motion mimicking dodging attack.

Pigeon and Cow Face poses round out Wonder Woman’s arsenal by providing flexibility and focus.

Look at those lats.

Aquaman has been the butt of jokes for the past 40 years, but Jason Mamoa is looking to change that. He’s also the go-to guy for swim workouts. Pull-ups and underwater push-offs will help with power for the main events, the 100m and 400m freestyles.

Back extensions will hit the oft-neglected lower back, and kick-backs can help with leg form in the water. To stretch out, you’re looking at Eagle Arms pose and the classic Forward Fold.

Don’t actually do the “knife hand” when running.

So as you may know, the Flash is all about running. All speeds and distances. As a result, this routine is pretty simple, broken up into speed, endurance, and support exercises. 100m builds pure speed and the 400m hits the lactic acid threshold hard.

Meanwhile, the 1600m (essentially 1 mile) and 10k build endurance. It IS somewhat counterintuitive to run such short distances AND longer ones, so if you’d prefer speed over endurance or vice versa, you can emphasize one or the other.

Support work is built out of hill sprints and Russian Twists, then Lizard and Bound Angle pose to stretch those legs out.


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