The injury journal: What you bench, bruh?

The day after my run, it was time for upper body work. My regimen is a raw strength-oriented bench press, supplemented by muscular endurance work. This particular workout, it happened to be bench, dragon flags, pull-ups, heavy bag work (punching and elbows with a bit of kicking), barbell side bends, and push-ups. I ended with a bit of yoga.

My bench suffered most. While a couple weeks ago, I was able to do 3-4 paused reps of 210 lbs, now I was struggling to do the same reps for 200 lbs. In fact, my first set of 205 was actually a failure, and I had to re-rack the bar on the first hook, not six inches from my chest.

Photo by eocellus
Trying to lift after my cold, like…

Surprisingly, the rest of the session went pretty well. Dragon flags, even pull-ups weren’t that difficult (although I did scale them down slightly just for safety’s sake), and although push-ups were trying, I did them at the very end, so that’s to be expected. My round with the heavy bag was cut short, however, since a spin class was about to begin, and the side bends were a little lighter, since the last time I did them, I was fairly sore the next day.

I’m disappointed with my bench, even though I know it was likely to go down with my body weight and no training. On the other hand, I was glad to see that I mostly didn’t lose my endurance, even as I declined to take creatine before the gym. We’ll see how leg day goes, which is my real concern.


One thought on “The injury journal: What you bench, bruh?

  1. I had a rough couple of weeks where my weight for pretty much everything decreased. I was starting to feel pretty discouraged about it and didn’t know what had gone wrong, but then suddenly this week everything went back to normal. Weird…


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