I’m going to die in this gym

Above: The cause of my misery

So the other week, I woke up in extraordinary pain. It quickly became some kind of sickness. But I try not to let anything stop me from getting to the gym, so I went for my normal leg day, just toned way down. Besides, I lost 9 pounds, so I figured I needed to act. The first time I tried it, no big deal. Lots of coughing. The next week, as I continued to recover, I warmed up to another lightened load, just a little tougher than the week prior. This was a mistake.
Not long after my set, I realized the slight form breakdown I had on my second rep led to putting too much stress on my rib cage, causing… Something wrong. It hurt to cough, breathe deeply, laugh, et cetera. OK, I thought. I’ve got a day to heal, and then the day after, I’ll go super easy. It’d be back day, and I’ll just use machines, so I don’t harm myself. I quickly got cocky.
“Machines only” became “machines plus pull-ups and crunches.” I’m a glutton for punishment. The next day was worse than the last, causing immense pain to cough and deep breaths were quite uncomfortable. That night consisted of a lot of rest and sleep.
So here I am, typing up my first update in two weeks, wondering when I’ll be able to run again (half marathon in a month and a half) and how I’ll have to alter my training. Would I do it again? Probably a little differently.


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