Office yoga: Fighting soreness

Perhaps you work in an office. You’re sitting all day: Your hip muscles shortened, back hunched over a keyboard, it sucks. Maybe you’re sore from all the constant, repetitive half-fetal positioning for 40 hours every week. Here’s a trio of pose-transitions to help prevent pain and keep you limber. Go back and forth in each of the paired poses to get range of motion and movement.

Josey Prior (@yogajosey) is a self-practicing yogi in Southwest Florida. In Child’s Pose (right), you can spread your knees as far as you’d like.


Aids: Lower back

You’re putting a lot of stress on your lower back, sitting all day. Even if you have a support, it’s not a great posture to maintain for hours on end. Cobra will have you doing the opposite extension, chest out, to help shape that curvature in your lumbar. Child, meanwhile, will help create a bit of space through your spine and stretch it out. Moving between the two is about as easy as bending your knees and curling your back.

David Simmons (@dt_simmons) instructs classes throughout the LA area. Your arms in Triangle (right) can be a straight line or reach out for a deeper stretch.

Warrior 2/Triangle

Aids: Sides, legs, upper back

Office chairs have you just looking forward, with maybe a swivel here or there. If you do have any lateral torso movement, it’s probably leaning on your armrest or desk. It’s not engaging your body and it doesn’t take too much effort. Triangle pose will help stretch out those sides and upper back, as well as medial leg muscles. Bend your leg and prop your body up, and you’re in Warrior 2, keeping yourself strong and upright while again targeting leg muscles around the groin.

You can modify Lizard (top) by lowering your back knee and Pigeon by leaning forward.


Aids: Hips flexors, hamstrings, glutes

Sitting on your butt all day (at the office and on the drive), everything tightens up (and not in the good way). An easy way to go about correcting that is by really squeezing that knee into your chest, be it a figure-4 stretch or Pigeon. These will also nail your IT band/TFL and transitioning into Lizard will get more of that front/interior hip tissue, as well as the hamstrings.


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