Juicing: A health trend for children

There are approximately 20 million health trends that crop up every year. Some of them, like the shake weight, are embarrassing. Some are like paleo dieting, in that they don’t understand decades of science. Others are both, which brings us to juicing. No fad would be complete without some bold claims about what they’ll do for your body, so here we go.

#1: Juicing helps in digestion/absorption- FALSE

When you juice produce, you’re getting rid of insoluble, dietary fiber. Which is known to aid in digestion. It’s why beans make you poop, it’s not rocket science. It’s gastroenterology. Getting rid of this pulp also doesn’t aid in absorbing the nutrients in fruit/vegetables. Plants are not Cadbury Eggs. You don’t have to crack open the solid shell to get to the creamy middle. Your body will absorb what it needs to on a cellular level.

This juicer looks complex and not at all easy to use. What happened to hand-cranked machines?
This juicer looks complex and not at all easy to use. What happened to hand-cranked machines?

#2: Juicing is easier- TRUE/FALSE

OK, maybe you juice because you want to get those micronutrients, but you’re a busy person, with meetings, brunches, and yachting to do. Is it quicker? Well, that can depend. Theoretically, you could bring your lunch to work and include some vegetables in your meal. And if you scarf food down like Kobayashi, no machine can keep up with you (only bears), so the juicing time versus eating time isn’t too different. If you’re that pressed for meal time, maybe it’s time for Soylent. The Mayo Clinic does offer one idea, though. If you aren’t a fan of fruits/veggies, you could juice them to get most of their benefits. Yes, like a picky eater who won’t eat their broccoli, you could pour a metaphorical cheese on them and have at.

¬†#3: Juice cleanses can “reboot” your body-¬†FALSE

First of all, your body isn’t a fucking MacBook. You don’t go to the hospital sick and your doctor asks if you “turned it off and turned it back on”. The “brand new” feeling a lot of people get after a cleanse is just because they stopped eating processed shit for a week and their body is adapting to the change in diet. With juice, the body is loving that you put in some decent nutrients into it, instead of just Vitamin P (pork). When they stop the cleanse, they feel OK for a little, then sluggish, as they slip into their old habits. Proving yet again, that there is no substitute for hard work and dedication.


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