#Goals: A guide to my upcoming fitness journey

I’ve been running for almost half my life at this point (13 years), lifting for almost a third of it (8 years), and doing yoga for almost a fifth (5 years). That said, it’s not always a constant thing. Sometimes I’ll get preoccupied, lose sight, or just plain get lazy. I took years off from running seriously in college and for the past five months, I haven’t had access to a gym. It’s been hard to go heavy, as you can imagine. Not to mention that the quality of my nutrition was limited over the summer because of monetary constraints.

Now that all that is in order, I’ve set my goals (one of which I’ve incidentally already hit) and this is what you can expect my training to look like in numbers. I’ll post monthly updates on the status of each as I get closer. I’ve got other, smaller goals, but I don’t plan on doing separate posts about them, maybe just throw them in with other stuff.

I encourage you to share your goals in the comments below!

*In the future, this will be 405lbs, but since deadlift has always been my weakest lift (especially form- and grip-wise, I wanted to start off modestly. 315lbs would still be a PR, though!


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