Recipe: Berry smoothie

So you want to have certain kind of quick breakfast. Maybe you want to stay Paleo or gluten-free. Maybe you want a lot of energy. Or maybe you want to substitute your sweet dessert for something more healthy. Whatever your reason, here’s an option that will satisfy and sustain.6 Strawberries

1/2cp Blueberries

1/2cp Blackberries

1 Banana

2cp Ice

Add the berries and half the ice and blend. The berry juice will act as a water-less lubricant. Then add the banana and rest of the ice and blend until smooth. Makes 18oz.

Completed smoothie. You can also use raspberries in place of blackberries. Or grapes. Or really any berry.



Sugar: 34g

Potassium: 20%

Fiber: 58%

Vitamin C: 220%

Magnesium: 10%

Vitamin B6: 20%


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