Energy bars: Which one for you?

So obviously, not all energy bars were created equal. Some are just glorified candy bars. We looked at five of the top brands (in the most popular flavors) to find out which ones are worth your money. But first, the meat and potatoes.


Best for building muscle: Quest (Cookie Dough)

Quest had by far the most protein of the bunch. In addition, the low-carb factor makes it an ideal treat for anyone on a strict diet.

Best on the trail: ProBar Meal (Original Blend)

So if you are out away from civilization, you’ll need something that will keep you going. ProBar’s higher fat and caloric content will give you fuel to make it back in one piece. (Editor’s note: I prefer the Peanut-Chocolate and Super Greens flavors)

Best for micronutrients: Luna (Lemon Zest)

In a dark horse victory, Luna proves itself a contender. By packing in more vitamins and minerals than Clif (Cool Mint Chocolate) in roughly the same caloric package, Luna takes the cake.

Loser: PowerBar (Vanilla Crisp)

Sorry, PowerBar, you may have popularized the concept of the energy bar, but by using heavily processed ingredients and going the “Jack-of-all-trades” route, you failed to provide anything that stands out. Even Clif and Luna outstrip you when it comes to all-around nutrition. However, you did create the Wafer Bar, for which I will always love you.


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