Review: Asics Tough Enough backpack

A good all-around backpack is hard to find. Normally, they venture too far into being a staple of school campuses and aren’t sturdy, being a hardcore mountaineering contraption, or being just plain expensive. Luckily, the Tough Enough manages to be a jack-of-all-trades. If you want something that’s going to stand up to the elements out in the wilderness, you might look elsewhere, but for your day-to-day (and even a day hike), this will easily fulfill your needs. The exterior is almost like Kevlar in terms of feel, which definitely adds to the coolness factor. Whatever the material is, it’s pretty sturdy. It might not be bulletproof, but if you need a bulletproof backpack, you’ve got some bigger problems than reading a fitness blog.

The pockets are as follows: a big one (about seven liters in volume), a laptop space, three smaller ones on the sides and middle, a medium one on the bottom, and two side nettings. The big pocket has both a snap clasp and a cover that can be closed via a snare, so even if you overstuff it a little, you’re able to keep everything secure.
So far, it’s held up as a laundry bag, carry-on bag (during both of which it was filled to the brim), and survived many days at the beach, with nary a scratch to show. It holds all my stuff for the office and for a day outdoors or overnight. Legit, I packed this thing with 12 meal-replacement bars, two days worth of clothes, a few small books, a liter water bottle, and a partridge in a pear tree, and it was golden. I even had a pair of shoes in there during a flight from Florida to California. At the same time, the bag isn’t so bulky that your arms are hitting it as you walk, and I have a more slender frame. On the other hand, female wearers could run into that problem, since they’d generally be thinner than myself.

The only downside I’ve really found comes if you aren’t a fan of shirts. Ordinarily, it’s no problem, but after a long day at the beach, walking back home can become mildly irritating because of the netting on the straps. The space between the netting is large enough that it was rubbing my shoulders, but it’s fixed if you have a shirt on. I still refused. I mean, it wasn’t THAT bad, and I had to get my tan on, bruh.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a solid bag for non-insane outdoorsmanship, or if you just want to hold your gear for work or the gym or whatever, this is an affordable option with ample storage space to separate your items. Is it Tough Enough? I’m not going to make that pun, so I’ll just say yeah, it’ll handle some decent damage.

Score: Pretty Decent


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