You Need to Compete (Even if You Aren’t Competitive)

I was recently featured in a small promo on Instagram to advertise Fit Nation Magazine’s upcoming Tribal Games (previously known as Box Battles), as seen above. I entered with a four-person team, with only one of us really prepared for even the smaller-scale events (lower weight, shorter distances) that we signed up for. And you know what? It was was one of the most fun competitions I’ve been to.

We lugged a 240-pound (120kg) barrel of water the nearly length of a football field by our fingertips. We took turns flipping a log end-over-end. We did synchronized squats (not as graceful as swimming). Some parts, I was really great at. Some parts, I felt like I was going to die.

See, going to a competition is not always about being “in it to win it” or even beating anyone. We came in 31st place out of 37. The important part is the motivation it gives you.

1. You’ve got a goal for your training. In business, a goal is measurable and within a time frame. So that’s exactly what you have when you set a date to compete: you need to have ¬†x-improvement by x-time.

2. The crowd is on your side. Have you ever seen those videos of the Kona Ironman Triathlon, where the last person is coming in, barely within the limit? People are still there¬†cheering them on. And almost every¬†competition is like that. Sometimes, the cheering gets even harder! So even if you’re dead-last, strangers are going to be there, giving you the boost you need to make it through.


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